WIND Hellas, one of the leading companies in the telecommunication industry, implements the automated and secure solutions that are offer by Impact in collaboration with Pylones Hellas S.A., for the electronic receipt of invoices and the automatic integration into its system, without human intervention (i connect) and the paperless dispatch of invoices that it issues to over 400 partners (Paperless Connect).
The project aims to improve its business processes with its partners, while reducing its operating costs through a secure, reliable, transparent solution, which in a manageable way offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Automation of the communication and business processes
  • Optimization of the invoicing process and data quality
  • Reduction/Elimination of printing, dispatch and dispatch costs (e.g. post office, courier)
  • Electronic archiving with direct connection to the company’s local portal
  • Automation of control processes
  • Reliable and prompt exchange of significant financial data
  • Improvement of its customer relations.

Respecting the principles of sustainable development and its responsibility towards the environment by using Impact’s e-Invoicing solution, WIND Hellas placed yet another cornerstone to its socially responsible behavior by developing business activities driven by the principles of sustainability.