The two companies form the largest EINVOICING, supply chain and B2B solutions provider in Greece!

SoftOne Technologies announces the acquisition of 100% of IMPACT’s share capital. With this agreement, the two leading companies establish the largest EINVOICING and EDI services provider in the Greek market and one of the largest in the CEE region, and the only integrated platform for B2B supply chain solutions.

The newly formed corporate scheme has already transmitted more than 45,000,000 invoices, as a Licensed Electronic Invoicing Service Provider, interconnecting more than 350,000 companies. IMPACT’s in-depth specialization in supply chain and procurement process automation, and SOFTONE’s cloud expertise and capacity for mass product development and market distribution (through its extensive network of partners), create a leading corporate scheme, capable of meeting the real transformation needs of all businesses, regardless of size and industry of involvement.

By joining forces, the two companies aim to go beyond the statutory requirement of compliance with Greek Tax Authority’s online revenue reporting rules (myDATA). The partnership creates the largest B2B ecosystem in Greece, connecting large with small and medium-sized enterprises via the cloud. This ecosystem will serve as the foundation for automating processes across the entire spectrum of B2B commercial transactions – from procurement, orders, dispatch and invoicing to invoice payment and financing.

Acknowledging the overall value of the IMPACT brand and that of its specialized products, the agreement foresees the continuation and development of IMPACT commercial and product assets in the future.

Panos Martinis, CEO of the SOFTONE Group, commented on the agreement: “We are excited to reach this milestone agreement, which is part of our broader, long-term strategic plan for the growth of our group. In partnership with IMPACT, we are creating the largest connected “community” of customers and suppliers on the cloud. I welcome IMPACT to the SOFTONE family, and I am confident that together we will develop and offer solutions that will enhance the productivity of Greek businesses in the years to come.”

On his part, Antonis Kyriazis, President of the SOFTONE Group, noted: “The deal for IMPACT’s acquisition seals a major development for our company – the biggest since the acquisition of Unisoft in 2019. Over the next 5 years, the EINVOICING and supply chain sectors are expected to grow by more than 40% per year. The benefits for the market leader are obvious. I would like to congratulate IMPACT’s management for its products, its loyal executive team, and certainly for its leading position in the market.”

Ioannis Terpsidis, President and CEO of IMPACT, stated: “This development marks a new beginning for IMPACT, laying the foundations for a greater structure that will play a key role for the digital transformation of businesses. We embraced the prospect of partnership from the start, not only for SOFTONE’s leadership in the cloud, but mainly for the company’s outstanding culture. The partnership with SOFTONE, in a spirit of respect for our people and values, is for us a remarkable and beneficial development, further expanding our vision, creating a solid ecosystem with an enhanced product portfolio, and the continuous provision of quality services.”