In collaboration with Impact, Praktiker Hellas completed the automated entry of documents that it receives from more than 70 partners, and electronic archiving of documents it issues as well as electronic invoices it receives from suppliers. Having over 70% of its documents in electronic format, Praktiker Hellas shows its environmental sensitivity while with the use of modern technologies it manages to reduce management time, costs and physical filing space.

Having recognized the benefits of an integrated electronic documents management solution, Praktiker Hellas makes full use of the solutions provided by Impact and makes move to the Paperless Connect service for dispatching paperless invoices to its partners, aiming at the full dematerialization of its system.

Referring to the electronic archiving solution Ms. Efstathia Marmangioli, Accounting Manager at Praktiker Hellas, states that:

“Impact’s Archiving Connect solution has fully covered our needs for electronically archiving the documents that we issue from any point, and those we receive from our suppliers. Therefore, we have a very powerful and useful tool, as well as a flexible and scalable solution that is fully customized to the dynamic requirements of a modern business, covering all the needs of the invoicing cycle.”