PRAKTIKER Hellas is the No. 1 technical department stores network in Greece comprising of 14 stores, 45,000 products and more than 6,000,000 customers annually.
With the company’s environmental sensitivity as its reference point, its desire was to find a green electronic archiving solution, which would meet its needs in terms of reducing management time, cost and physical archiving space. All this, taking into account the expansion of the solution, both on invoices that Praktiker receives from its suppliers, and on invoices that it dispatches to its partners, aimed at the complete dematerialization of the paper format driven by the existing automatic voucher entry process through the i-Connect service.
The implementation of such a solution was rather unique, given that the technological infrastructure and the status of the documents were not the same in all the stores. The challenge was to choose an electronic filing solution that would not simply be implemented in all the different technological infrastructures, but would also function properly on a daily basis and unfailingly provide key features such as instant search and retrieval of vouchers from any location, qualitative utilization of human resources etc.

Infrastructure features
  • Issue of vouchers from the central offices and fourteen (14) stores.
  • Unique technological infrastructure (several different tax mechanisms, printers, 2 ERP systems).
  • More than 1,500,000 vouchers annually.
  • Receipt of more than 20,000 electronic invoices from more than 10 suppliers.

Based on the company’s characteristics and its dynamic trade activity, its basic requirement was to achieve economies of scale across the entire archiving and voucher dispatch process.

  • Central electronic archiving location for all
  • vouchers that it issues (from all points of issue) and receives.
  • Automation of the electronic archiving and control processes.
  • Reduction in cost and time while optimizing the utilization of human resources from the voucher search and recovery process.

Archiving Connect (Outgoing & Incoming)
With the Archiving Connect solution, Praktiker Hellas:

  • Automated the electronic archiving processes of all its accounting vouchers.
  • Has a central management location from where vouchers are issued having full control over every invoice processing step from issue to dispatch.
  • It has already expanded into the solution of electronic archiving and electronic invoices that it receives from its suppliers, taking advantage of similar benefits such as automated control, instant search, organized archiving, etc.
  • It can instantly, easily and quickly start electronic invoicing with its partners using the Paperless Connect service.

  • Significant reduction in costs (>65%) from the electronic archiving of accounting vouchers due to:
    • The elimination of printing voucher copies (e.g. paper, ink, supplies, etc.).
    • Management time and retrieval of vouchers is minimized.
    • Physical archiving space (e.g. binders, cupboards, warehouses etc).
  • Total savings of >€40,000/year from the invoice issue and archiving process.
  • The enterprise’s social identity is strengthened as it implements a more environmentally-friendly solution and saves:
    • 150 tons of CO2
    • 600 Trees
    • 1875 tons of water.

“The Archiving Connect solution of IS Impact has fully cover our needs for the electronic filing of documents issued by both the head offices as well as by the fourteen (14) retail stores, and the ones we receive from our suppliers. So, we have a very powerful, yet easy-to-use tool, which has dramatically reduced the need for time and space, but also the overall management costs of searching and retrieving our filed documents in proof.”

Efstathia Marmangioli Accounting Manager


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