AB Vasilopoulos is one of the largest Greek retail chains, with a 75-year presence in Greece. The AB Vassilopoulos chain uses the Paperless Connect service for receiving electronic invoices from suppliers, and for sending paperless electronic invoices to its franchise stores, and its Service Invoices to suppliers.
The peculiarity in this application lies in that in the case of franchises, we had few recipients whose infrastructure was simple, but accepted large volumes of documents, while in the case of suppliers, we had a small volume of documents compared to the large volume of recipients. The integration of both into the Paperless Connect service was instantaneous, demonstrating its independence from factors such as the recipient’s volume and/or technological infrastructure.

Company characteristics
  • SAP ERP is managed abroad.
  • More than 70,000 invoices annually.
  • i-Connect application and service for the electronic data exchange of invoices (EDI Invoicing) from suppliers.
  • Receipt of electronic invoices from suppliers through the Paperless Connect service.
  • Dispatch of invoices to the franchise stores, as well as service invoices to suppliers.

Based on the company’s characteristics and its dynamic trade activity, its basic requirement was to reduce operating costs, while automating and optimizing its internal financial processes.

  • Automation of the electronic invoicing and control processes.
  • Automated, secure and reliable electronic process
  • of dispatching invoices to franchises and suppliers.
  • Reduction in costs and time while optimizing the utilization of human resources from the invoice receipt verification process by the invoice recipients.
  • Automated, secure and reliable electronic invoice receipt process from its suppliers with automatic data control between paperless electronic invoicing and their EDI (Electronic Data Exchange).

Paperless Connect
With the Paperless Connect service, AB Vassilopoulos:

  • Has absolute control over every invoice processing step from voucher issue to dispatch.
  • Dispatches more than 70,000 electronic invoices to franchises and suppliers on an annual basis with an upturn.
  • Has instant information on the status of invoices that it dispatches through a complete invoice activity history (from the time the invoice is dispatched, to when and who opened the electronic invoice).
  • Can easily, quickly and simply find and start the electronic invoicing process with other partners given that via the innovative Paperless Connect service it has access to the community of companies that implement Electronic Invoicing in Greece and abroad.
  • Especially for incoming electronic invoices from its suppliers, it has immediate control of information between the paperless electronic invoices and EDI that it receives via i-Connect.

  • Reduction in the cost of dispatching electronic vouchers (from ~ €3/voucher to less than €0.30/voucher).
  • Total savings of ~ €50,000/year from the invoice issue, filing, dispatching and receipt confirmation process.
  • The enterprise’s social identity is strengthened as it implements a more environmentally-friendly solution and saves:
    • 6 tons of CO2
    • 24 Trees
    • 75 tons of water.

“With the organized and comprehensive solution of Information Systems Impact for paperless e-invoicing and automatic entering of the invoice information in our system, we saved considerable time by the automatic entering and the direct and valid control of information.
Furthermore, the utilization of the secure platform for sending electronic invoices to the franchisees in the chain and the reduction of the operating cost throughout the process made AB VASILOPOULOS embrace even more Paperless@connect, stating that Information Systems Impact undoubtedly has created a comprehensive, organized and user- and environment-friendly solution, elements that also characterize the corporate social responsibility of AB VASILOPULOS.”

Manolis Karydakis, Accounting & Tax Director, AB Vasilopoulos


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