Large and significant pharmaceutical companies, such as Genesis Pharma S.A., Pharmathen S.A., Teva Hellas S.A. and the Pharmacists’ Association of Evros, chose Impact’s e-Invoicing, Archiving Connect and Paperless Connect solutions, to automate their invoicing – archiving processes in order to considerably cut down on management costs.

Each of these companies has its own distinct needs and characteristics, however, the e-Invoicing solutions cover the electronic archiving of issued accounting vouchers, the automation of the electronic archiving of document copies signed by their customers (e.g. Transportation Notes) and the organized, secure and guaranteed (certified ISO 27001) dispatch/receipt of electronic invoices to the greatest degree through the innovative Paperless Connect service.

It is noteworthy that the solutions are directly or indirectly applied by more than 5,000 companies regardless of sector and size, while it is supported by the unique Electronic Invoicing Team in Greece, which comprises of the companies: Athens International Airport, BE (subsidiary of Eurobank), CPI, Impact, Pylones Hellas and Unisystems. Contact us today at