Menarini Diagnostics who is committed to bringing innovative solutions in the In Vitro Diagnostics market and to the development of high-tech diagnostics systems and reagents to improve patients’ quality of life, trusts IMPACT‘s end-to-end solutions – myDATA Connect – for the automatic transmission of electronic documents, in the myDATA platform of Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) along with the Paperless Connect and Archiving.
With myDATA connect solution, Menarini Diagnostics enjoys significant benefits such as reduced operating costs, automation in document management, and internal processes, moving faster towards digital transformation.

Using the Archiving and the Paperless Connect services, a considerable volume of incoming documents is archived and registered automatically and without errors in the company’s systems. With IMPACT solutions, the printing and archiving of printed documents is no longer required, while at the same time, the time needed for their check and filing is reduced.
Menarini Diagnostics, faithful to the vision of continuous modernization and digitization of complex business processes through the above solutions, further strengthens its corporate social responsibility by adopting “green” policies that contribute to sustainable development.