The experience of IMPACT is combined with the excellent knowledge of the European market where, as a member of the Board of Directors of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), IMPACT is promptly informed about trends, news and the legislative changes that are taking place at the global level, thus strengthening the already its distinguished know-how.

EESPA deals with current issues regarding electronic invoicing that may occur in other countries and are expected to come to our country. For example, what changes did it bring in the mandatory application of electronic invoicing in B2B transactions in neighboring Italy in 2019?

Companies in the beginning in Italy were opposed and now ardent supporters of the project mainly because of the many benefits that e-invoicing has for businesses. Similarly, the mandatory implementation of e-invoicing in France for public procurement (B2G) has led many companies (over 1 million) faster in their digital transformation and much more effective interaction with the governance.

But EESPA also deals with issues beyond e-invoicing. For example, how can e-Invoicing be combined with the next step, the payment of the invoice or its financing?

Finally, an essential issue on the EESPA agenda is the interoperability of e-invoicing providers, also known as roaming. A company in Greece via IMPACT as a service provider will be able to communicate and exchange e-invoices with a company in Europe or worldwide that has its provider.

IMPACT already offers roaming services in most European countries with similar agreements with more than six foreign providers.