In the context of the harmonization with European standards, recent developments in Greece provide companies with the ability to cease tax mechanisms (a solution that was unique to Greece and nowhere else in Europe), and replace these with Digital Signatures with the use of digital certificates. In this way companies that desire to do so, have the ability to electronically issue and dispatch documents with a single solution, which it digital signs using a digital certificate, namely an electronic certificate that verifies the identity of the business.

Information Systems Impact and EFG Eurobank Ergasias, who are strategic partners for the provision of Electronic Invoicing since 2011, have joined forces and come to offer businesses wishing to replace their tax mechanisms, with an easy, single and above all, particularly low- cost solution, so that businesses are able to take advantage of the new opportunities offered to them.

EFG Eurobank is the only Greek bank that is able to issue Digital Certificates, a service it has been offering its web banking customers for years. In collaboration with Impact, the leading Electronic Invoicing provider in Greece, it now integrates the digital certificates into the software provided by Impact, which issues Digital Signatures for the signing of documents issued by businesses. Building on Impact’s expertise in the e-Invoicing field, and Eurobank good reputation, businesses have the most credible alternative tax mechanisms for the issue and dispatch of paperless invoices in a completely tax compliant manner and are able to electronically certify their invoices pursuant to KFAS (Code of Tax Reporting of Transactions), ensuring the authenticity and integrity of issued documents.