A business is a living organism. And like all living organisms, it needs to grow and develop. To do this, it needs to adopt the strategy that will yield the necessary element for the survival and development… Profitability!

Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Archiving are strategic solutions, whose purpose is to optimize processes, so that businesses can be led to profitability.
Impact’s Paperless Connect and Archiving Connect solutions, respectively, with features such as:

  • Electronic Archiving of all or part of the documents issued by the business
  • Electronic Archiving of electronic invoices received by the business
  • Business’ choice of which customers it wishes to dispatch paperless and electronic invoices to
  • Automated Attachment and Dispatch of Files (e.g. Itemized Charges) with Workflow invoices
  • Automated Electronic Archiving and Connection of signed documents (e.g. delivery notes) to the listed invoices.

And with the key features:

  • IMPROVEMENT: of the archiving and/or invoicing process since it is automated and a delivery receipt of the electronic invoices is received from customers
  • INDEPENDENCE: from the existing technological infrastructure (existing information systems are not affected)
  • FLEXIBILITY: due to its gradual implementation
  • COMPATABILITY: both with Greek Legislation as well as the users’ functions (they continue to function in the same way)
  • QUALITATIVE UTILIZATION: of the company’s human resources through the instant search and retrieval of archived invoiced, as well time savings in the users’ daily tasks,
    • offer a multitude of benefits with the most essential being Savings in operating costs from the significant reduction and/or elimination of printing invoices (paper, toner, etc.), their dispatch and time management, but also the elimination of physical archiving (binders, warehouses etc).
      In an age where public institutions believe that the electronic invoice is the key to reduce costs, increase transparency, simplify processes and better serve businesses and therefore they promote Electronic Invoicing as a tool for growth and profitability, there is no reason not to take the step towards Electronic Invoicing! Contact us or our Network of Partners today for a presentation on how you will achieve significant Cost Savings and Optimize your operating processes!