Information Systems Impact & Retail@Link, proceeded with the roaming process of their i connect and Data @ Link services for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The move is a turning point as it constitutes the precursor for the expansion of Roaming services among the leading providers in the country, not only in terms of the Electronic Data Interchange, but also in the field of Electronic Invoicing (e-invoicing) in the near future.

The aim of this dynamic roaming integration is to provide Greek companies with easy dispersal of the electronic document interchange process for documents exchanged between issuers and recipients (e.g. EDI invoices, orders, Delivery Notes, etc) facilitating and simplifying the integration, regardless of the provider used.

With the implementation of EDI Invoicing, the two largest Greek business communities that are already reaping the benefits are being helped since an immediate reduction of costs and management time is offered to Greek businesses-users, while optimizing their competitiveness.

The roaming integration process between the two Providers is absolutely transparent for companies that use it, extra integration costs with trading partners are avoided and it utilizes a secure communication environment. It should be noted that the services that are provided are compatible with existing and anticipated tax legislation.

As stated by William Drakos, Managing Director of Impact Information Systems & Britta Balden, Managing Director of Retail@Link, “Our common vision is for the concept of roaming for Electronic Data Interchange EDI services to spread to e-invoicing services for the provision of maximum value-added services in the Greek market. We are able to offer solutions that have a proven record of reducing operating costs and optimizing internal operations. We are obliged to offer the best!”