efood, the leading delivery service in Greece, through which one can order from 20,000 stores in 100 cities of Greece, trusts the solutions of IMPACT, the largest certified e-invoicing provider in Greece, for the provision of electronic invoicing and data transmission services to myDATA.

The project is based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, while the solution was enriched with unique features that improve the overall service. The implementation through Microsoft services guarantees the highest possible level of security, reliability, performance and flexibility globally.

With the use of Paperless Connect &myDATA Connect services, efood reduces operating costs while at the same time increasing the productivity and competitiveness of its services by simplifying daily business processes, using a reliable provider licensed by the Suitability Check Committee for the certification of software for the Electronic Issuance of AADE data.

In addition, the transition to electronic invoicing drastically reduces paper consumption and the CO2 footprint in the environment, a practice that once again proves the responsibility of efood towards the environment and its consistency in the vision for continuous development and pioneering in digital transformation.