DIAMANTIS MASOUTIS SA, in collaboration with IMPACT, proceeded to implement an innovative program of digitization of complex business processes that aims to further strengthen the company’s commercial relations with its partners, automate daily work, and reduce its environmental footprint.

Mr. Savvas Tortopidis, Chief Digital Officer at DIAMANTIS MASOUTIS SA quotes: “During a difficult period for everyone, where contactless transactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic become more necessary than ever, we made significant changes in receiving, archiving and registering vendors’ electronic documents using Archiving, Paperless Connect, and EDI Connect while keeping our partners and employees safe.

A massive number of incoming documents are registered daily directly and without errors in our systems. At the same time, their electronic copies remain archived and available at any time, without the need for filing the relevant hard copies.

In addition, with the activation of the Balance Connect service, we managed to reduce the time required for the balance agreement with our suppliers by directly identifying the differences and/or shortcomings that are often observed between our accounting records, which helps significantly to better plan our payments and to determine our financial results faster.

Our digital transformation journey began many years ago and remains one of our top priorities. Our goal was and remains the best customer service.

We are thrilled to have a partner like IMPACT as our companion and assistant in every endeavour on this trip”.