Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation S.A. (HERRCO) was founded by industrial and commercial businesses which, either provide the Greek market with packaged products or manufacture various kinds of packaging aiming to meet more effectively their legal obligation for the recycling of packaging waste deriving from their products through the self-administration of their funds, within the framework of the National and European legislation. To respond to the above requirements, HERRCO has developed and implemented in Greece the Collective Alternative Management System – RECYCLING (CAMS – RECYCLING).

IMPACT was honoured by HERRCO to create its corporate website; thus, we developed a modern and functional website, which operates at http://www.herrco.gr/.  

The peculiarity that had to be covered through the new website was that the audience to which HERRCO is addressed is divided into three groups (Municipalities, Businesses, Citizens). So the layout of the website should match the aesthetics and the gravity of each group. IMPACT team has created a website through which users are intelligently “guided” based on the audience group to which they belong. Specifically, the user is given the opportunity from the website’s home page to choose which audience group he belongs to. Then, depending on his choice, the structure and the menu of the website are configured accordingly. As a result, the information that each user is looking for is targeted to him.

The two companies’ cooperation was expanded when HERRCO assigned IMPACT to create its new website for the Recycling of Glass Packaging. The new website ( http://www.herrcoglass.gr/) presents a unique artistic design with a strong presence of glass while enabling users to search and find the places where “blue bells” have been placed for collecting glass packaging.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the obligated package producers, both in the calculation of their dept to the System and in the submission of their Declaration, IMPACT has developed a unique application for simplifying these procedures. By creating a new B2B information system, https://declarations.herrco.gr/, where the registered members of HERRCO can submit to the application a package declaration (either online or by uploading files), to calculate their dept, to export reports and see the history of their statements, etc.