Impact-Beiersdorf HellasBeiersdorf Hellas SA is one of the 150 subsidiaries of multinational Beiersdorf AG, which operates in the skincare sector, basing its international success to its brands strong and continuous development in driven innovation.

In order to automate the management of documents issued / received, the company started in 2007 to implement innovative solutions E-invoicing of Impact, starting with the use of the i-Connect service to directly send information to large customers.

In addition, applied the electronic archiving, Archiving Connect, for automated electronic archiving of all documents issued, and directly receives the information for the receipt of the products as well as automated appending signed documents from customers.

Moreover, using the service Paperless Connect, Beiersdorf saved even more operating cost from the reduction of electronic invoices shipping cost and also from the management time tracking of the status of electronic invoices since through a historical know when received by its customers and by e-invoicing community can easily, quickly and simply find and connect with other partners.

Mr. John Sofianidis, IT Operations – MUSE Service Delivery Greece, said:

Impact’s solutions are integrated solutions that completely covered our desire for automation and efficient management of our documents, as well as efficient service to our customers. Additionally, they helped to save operating costs and more than 40% of management time.