IMPACT, a member of the SOFTONE Group of Companies and a leading certified provider of electronic invoicing and EDI services, presents B2G EINVOICING, the integrated service that ensures the full compliance of businesses regarding the mandatory issuance of electronic invoices for any transaction with the public sector.

Following the Joint Ministerial Decision published on 12 April 2023 (Government Gazette B’ 2385/12/4/2023) for the exclusive use of electronic invoicing through a provider in the context of public procurement, IMPACT offers the B2G EINVOICING service.

As the largest certified Electronic Invoicing Provider in Greece, it has created the new service that offers the possibility of automated and secure transmission of invoices to the public sector, with absolute reliability and immediate business benefits for the supplier.

Benefits of using the service

With the use of IMPACT’s B2G EINVOICING service, the immediate electronic transmission of the document is achieved, which minimizes the possibility of error and significantly reduces the time required for its retrieval later. Similarly, the full automation of processes reduces the time and cost of preparing and sending documents compared to what was previously the case, while electronic receipt by the State helps to ensure immediate and error-free processing and payment without the need for resending due to possible loss. Furthermore, the use of e-invoicing in the context of public procurement offers multiple tax benefits for the company.

The supplier is immediately informed about the status of the processing of his documents by the contracting authority, with the aim of avoiding delays and speeding up the clearance and reconciliation of the balance. The whole process also contributes to enhancing the positive social and environmental footprint of businesses through the reduction of paper consumption and the adoption of responsible practices.

Ease of use and continuous high-level support

The service operates on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, is compatible with any ERP system used by each Supplier, while through IMPACT’s proprietary PEPPOL Access Point, the invoices of the companies are routed directly and securely to the competent contracting authority. At the same time, IMPACT’s specialized team of technical consultants offers support and guidance throughout the implementation, providing necessary information.

The market is already showing its trust in IMPACT in the field of e-invoicing, as more than 80% of the market’s electronic documents are already transmitted through B2B EINVOICING (according to AADE statistics). It is characteristic that the service manages more than 5 million documents per hour, according to a performance certification by the University of the Aegean.

Regarding B2G EINVOICING, IMPACT CEO Vangelis Hadjigeorgiou said: “The incorporation into national legislation now makes the exclusive use of e-invoicing in the public sector mandatory for both the state and businesses, enhancing transparency and speed of processes for both parties. As the largest Certified Electronic Invoicing Provider in the country, IMPACT knows better than anyone the needs that arise in this new reality, bringing, for the first time, a comprehensive service for sending electronic invoices to the State. Backed by IMPACT’s deep expertise in developing interface solutions, and leveraging the latest Cloud technologies, the B2G EINVOICING service allows any business dealing with the State to fully comply with the provisions of the new legislation and derive multiple benefits from the use of e-invoicing.”

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για την υπηρεσία B2G EINVOICING της IMPACT: