Impact-Amoiridis-SavvidisSince 1989, AMIRIDIS-SAVVIDIS S.A. is dynamically involved in the field of importing and wholesaling of electronic, electrical and small home appliances, driven by the ultimate objective of providing the customers with a wide range of electronic and electrical appliances that shall make their lives easier and more convenient. AMIRIDIS-SAVVIDIS S.A. has made business agreements with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, and distributes under exclusivity in Greece very known brands.

In order to automate the management of documents issued / received, the company started in 2010 to implement e-invoicing innovative solutions of Impact, starting with the use of the i-Connect service to directly send information to large customers such as PRAKTIKER A.E. & MEDIA SATURN A.E.

In addition, applied the electronic archiving of Impact “Archiving Connect”, for automated electronic archiving of all documents issued, and directly receives the information for the receipt of the products.

Additionally using the service “Paperless Connect”, the company saved even more operating cost from the reduction of electronic invoices shipping cost and also from the management time tracking of the status of electronic invoices since through a historical know when received by its customers and by e-invoicing community can easily, quickly and simply find and connect with other partners.

Mr. George Samaras, Group IT Manager, says:

With the integrated solutions of Impact, we fully covered our needs to organized electronic archiving and e-invoicing of issued documents as well as the relevant documents. The project has optimized customer’s service process, reduced the volume of paper and significantly reduced operational costs. In our industry it is particularly important to optimize the procedures for providing quality and modern technology services for the benefit of our customers and strengthens thereby our market position.