Alpha Astika Akinita is a Company of Alpha Bank Group, founded in 1942. Its main objective is to manage and turn to account real estate owned by the company or third parties, the provision of valuations reports, appraisals and technical advice, and the provision of comprehensive services for exploiting real estate owned by third-party customers (corporations, private individuals, organisations, insurance funds, etc.). Since 1999 the company’s shares have been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

As part of the continuous upgrade of its infrastructure, Alpha Astika Akinita proceeds to the digital transformation and chooses the myDATAconnect solution of IMPACT to automatically transmit its electronic documents to myDATA, the electronic platform of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR).

In this way, Alpha Astika Akinita achieves multiple benefits such as automated electronic archiving of documents and tax data in a central system for easy search, automated electronic delivery of any tax documents to customers through a secure and user-friendly platform with instant and guaranteed delivery, authentication and integrity certification from the Impact service without using any other equipment.