Adidas-ImpactADIDAS HELLAS SA chose Impact to implement electronic archiving system for documents in cloud, and electronic invoicing through Paperless Connect, achieving great management flexibility and significant cost savings.

ADIDAS chose cloud solution (SaaS) for archiving documents with purpose of minimizing IT infrastructure needs maintenance and to maximize the flexibility of the solution and the accessibility of archived documents.

Through the electronic invoicing service Paperless Connect, send automated e-invoices to customers, having simultaneous confirmation of receipt.

Mr. Nick Chapsis, the company’s Accounting Officer, says:

With the implementation of electronic invoicing through the Paperless Connect of Impact, we optimize the billing process and customer service and significantly reduce operating costs. In parallel with the electronic archiving we organized and efficient management of documents issued or receive. We implemented the cloud solution for the level of security that provides, but also align in application of advanced technologies, as dictated by philosophy of company.