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paperless@connect service is an innovative solution which improves and facilitates the internal invoicing process for business partners.

The friendly-to-use Internet platform of the service supports the fast, accurate and completely secure electronic exchange of invoices without the presence of the physical form of the invoice.


The main features of the service include:

  • the compatibility with the Greek Tax Legislation (it fully implements the FEK ΦΕΚ Β 380/28.3.2006 which is relative to the paperless invoicing process),
  • the multifunctionality as a tool which includes the Creation/Sending - Receiving - Confirming/Archiving – Recovery the electronic invoices, has a search functionality of electronic invoices and the capability of email notification of the receipt of electronic invoices as well as the immediate recognition of who business partners received which invoices.
  • the access to the paperless invoices via a friendly-to-use web platform which uses secure protocol (the same that web banking use) instead of sending the legal documents via email.


Moreover one of the most important characteristics of the service is the flexibility in the parallel use with the i@connect service. The combination of the paperless electronic invoicing and automatic import of invoices in the ERP systems (via i@connect service) provides the capability to the companies not only to send/receive paperless electronic invoices but also to automatically enter the information of the invoices in its ERP system.


With the use of Paperless@connect platform, the user-company can:

  • immediate receive the paperless electronic invoices
  • archive electronically the invoices
  • easy retrieve the electronic invoices based on multiple search criteria (e.g., VRN, Date of Invoice, etc)
  • view the produced reports concerning which invoices have been sent and received by the business partner and
  • use the produced reports for the cross check of the information between the paperless electronic invoices and the one that imported into the system


The companies by the automation of the invoicing process benefit from:

  • the optimizing of the invoicing process (the monitoring and the process of invoices are more secure, reliable and effective)
  • the optimizing of the quality of the information exchanged
  • from the reduction of the operating costs at any stage of the invoicing process (such as the abolishment of the printing, sending, data entry and the reduce of other stages as the management of invoices sent)
  • from the reduction of the operating time at any stage of the invoicing process (immediate send and management of electronic invoices),


while promoting a more green approach to the operation of the business and gaining a competitive advantage in the company's business activity.


more than 13.600.000 e-invoices until today
more than 900.000 electronic orders until today
more than 350.000 e-invoices per month

Accounting Department, Athens International Airport S.A.
Accounting Τax Director, A.B. Vassilopoulos
I.T. Manager, Veropoulos Group
Νεόφυτος Παναγιώτου, Praktiker Hellas
Ιωάννης Κοκολάκης, Friesland Foods Hellas
Μαρία Κουτουμάνου, Reckitt Benckiser Hellas
National Account Management Department, Cadbury Hellas
Γιάννης Πιταούλης, Attica Traffic Logistics S.A.
Κωνσταντίνος Καρκατσούλης, Yiannoulas Group

 Christina Fameli, Hellenic Lloyd's SA

 Panagiotis Drosos, Atlanta SA

 George Liakeas, Nexans Hellas SA

 Phaedra Damala, DNV HELLAS SA