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From the webpage of online services of Information Systems Impact web site users can connect directly to the respective services.



Through the sales@connect online service, suppliers of each retail chain receive on a daily basis very important information on product sales figures and stock information timely, in a reliable manner, directly from the retail store. The sales@connect service is the only online service that combines the crucial information of sales with a variety of useful tools for improving the navigation experience of the user (customization through specific catalogs of products and categories, creating excel file, management of electronic catalogs, variety of reports). The sales@connect service is currently connected with the central system of Praktiker Hellas and provides information concerning the sales figures and stock of the company's stores.

web@connect online service enables secure download of electronic orders, based on product codes and descriptions defined by the company-user. The receipt of orders is accomplished by displaying them in the website, providing a variety of options and functions. Additionally, the service provides the ability to download the order file in an specific ASCCI format. The web@connect service is currently connected with the central systems of Carrefour for receiving orders concerning the deliveries of products to the central warehouses.



crp@connect service is a tool used for analysis of stocks providing the ability of producing aggregated comprehensive reports. With crp@connect all necessary information regarding sales per product code for each warehouse is provided. The crp@connect service is connected with the central systems of Carrefour, and the information provided concerns the central warehouses of the company.


more than 13.600.000 e-invoices until today
more than 900.000 electronic orders until today
more than 350.000 e-invoices per month

Accounting Department, Athens International Airport S.A.
Accounting Τax Director, A.B. Vassilopoulos
I.T. Manager, Veropoulos Group
Νεόφυτος Παναγιώτου, Praktiker Hellas
Ιωάννης Κοκολάκης, Friesland Foods Hellas
Μαρία Κουτουμάνου, Reckitt Benckiser Hellas
National Account Management Department, Cadbury Hellas
Γιάννης Πιταούλης, Attica Traffic Logistics S.A.
Κωνσταντίνος Καρκατσούλης, Yiannoulas Group

 Christina Fameli, Hellenic Lloyd's SA

 Panagiotis Drosos, Atlanta SA

 George Liakeas, Nexans Hellas SA

 Phaedra Damala, DNV HELLAS SA

Praktiker - 80% of orders are sent through the i@connect service
Carrefour - electronic invoices have been exchanged within 2007
Fage - connection with business partners in Greece and Europe

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