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The web site - portal development solutions of Information Systems Impact enable the creation of modern and dynamic web sites, allowing businesses to perform advanced Web Content Management through intuitive web interfaces and without requiring any technical knowledge.

Electronic Document Exchange solutions that streamline the electronic exchange of business documents among business partners through the @Connect Services are also provided by Information Systems Impact.

In the e-Procurement sector, the solutions that Information Systems Impact provides aim at the important cost reductions and Supply Chain Automation, including support for RFP/RFQ solutions.

In the e-Tourism and on-line reservation services sector, Information Systems Impact provides complete e-business solutions, so that a tourist organization can leverage the Internet, in order to respond to Electronic Tourism (e-tourism) challenges, increase its sales and automate its internal processes.


Specialized solutions for the development of corporate Intranet and Extranet Portals based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies as well as advanced Integration projects among disparate systems base on Microsoft BizTalk technologies are also provided by Information Systems Impact.

Last but not least, Information Systems Impact provides advanced Consulting Services regarding the identification of business opportunities through techno-economical analysis, including participation in National and European Union Programmes. Information Systems Impact’s Consulting Services contribute both to the adoption of e-business solutions and to Business Process Automation.


Θανάσης Πετμεζάς, CosmoONE
Hellas Marketsite
Ντάννυ Γιαννάκα, Frigoglass
Γιάννης Τσίχλης, Grecotel Group
Νεόφυτος Παναγιώτου,
Praktiker Hellas
Γιάννης Ταπούρας, TUI

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