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Paperless Invoicing

The term Paperless Invoicing refers to the process in which invoices are sent via Internet without the issuance and the sending of the physical form.


Based on the Greek Legal Legislation (POL 1049) of March 2006 (ΦΕΚ Β 380/28.3.2006), the paperless invoicing provides the ability of fully abolishment of the paper document is being provided.


This legislation enables the Greek companies to suppress the printing, sending, and the archiving of the physical document and to benefit from the:


  • Automation and simplification of the invoicing process and in parallel improving it
  • Automation of the communications, enable electronic document exchange among companies in a secure, modern way
  • Significant reduction of the cost in the invoicing process (flexibility of communications, business processes automation, transparent functions to both internal and external users, faster lead times, etc.)
  • Significant win of time (re-data entry, mistakes, invoice management etc)
  • Guaranteed and Secure send / receive of an invoice
  • Electronic Archiving
  • Easy and fast retrieval of (electronic) invoices
  • Fact that enable employees focus on business issues (instead of on pure technology)
  • Improvement of the customer relations and company cash flow
  • Facilitation transactions with the public organizations.


Information Systems Impact implements the Paperless Invoicing solution via paperless@connect service. It’s characteristic that the first implementation of paperless electronic invoicing in Greece was via paperless@connect in Athens International Airport S.A.


more than 13.600.000 e-invoices until today
more than 900.000 electronic orders until today
more than 350.000 e-invoices per month

Accounting Department, Athens International Airport S.A.
Accounting Τax Director, A.B. Vassilopoulos
I.T. Manager, Veropoulos Group
Νεόφυτος Παναγιώτου, Praktiker Hellas
Ιωάννης Κοκολάκης, Friesland Foods Hellas
Μαρία Κουτουμάνου, Reckitt Benckiser Hellas
National Account Management Department, Cadbury Hellas
Γιάννης Πιταούλης, Attica Traffic Logistics S.A.
Κωνσταντίνος Καρκατσούλης, Yiannoulas Group

 Christina Fameli, Hellenic Lloyd's SA

 Panagiotis Drosos, Atlanta SA

 George Liakeas, Nexans Hellas SA

 Phaedra Damala, DNV HELLAS SA