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Hotel site development

For the travel portal / travel web site development either in Greece or internationally, Information Systems Impact provides complete solutions. Moreover, a web site for a specific hotel or Hotel chain can be developed displaying the desired information such as offers, price deals, availability etc. Thus, every travel agent and every hotel can manage their own web sites adjusting their displaying services, prices and deals. The development process mentioned above is accomplished using:


  • Dynamic Content Management and user friendly communication processes (communication forms, advanced search engines)

  • Advanced Systems for electronic reservations developed by Information Systems Impact ensure secure real time reservations as well as availability, prices, special offers and deals management.

The solutions provided by Information Systems Impact allow hotels and travel agents to manage their own web site, using a central management console, and approach accordingly: 


  • All targeted groups

  • Their loyalty clubs of customers

  • Clusters of B2B partners

  • Additionally, more target groups through the interconnection with 3rd party partner web sites or travel portals.
    New modules, sub sites, texts, multimedia entities, languages (multilingual web sites are supported), can be created in order to keep the particular web site always interesting and easily manageable by every travel agent and hotel whilst real-time availability, price and deal management offers the maximum flexibility which is needed to enhance the booking experience. At the same time, every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is supported as well as every visit tracking tactics/conversion rate. (e.g. Google Analytics Tracking tool, other tracking tools).
    Information Systems Impact solutions, is the reliable means that can boost the web site visits and on line reservations.


Γιάννης Ταπούρας, TUI Destinations
Γιάννης Τσίχλης, Grecotel Group 
Γιάννης Γκίνης, Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa

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