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FAGE: electronic document exchange

In Greece

FAGE is one of the largest Greek companies producing in the FMCG sector producing dairy products, operating in Greece as well as in Europe, and begun the cooperation with Information Systems Impact in May 2005 using i@connect service for electronic data exchange. FAGE started by sending electronic invoices at the beginning to the supermarket chain Atlantik, and soon after that to Carrefour-Marinopoulos using the i@connect service.

In Europe

After the cooperation in Greece (using i@connect service), FAGE was asked by its customers abroad to implement electronic document exchange (mainly EDI messages). Since September 2006, using the edi@connect service, Fage is receiving EDI orders from DELHAIZE Supermarket chain in Belgium. Additionally, since the November of 2006 FAGE receives EDI orders from DANSK Supermarkets (Denmark).


Cooperation between Information Systems Impact and FAGE was expanded even further through the interconnection of the Greek company with CASINO, which is one of the biggest super market chains in France. The specific project had a level of extra complexity, since Easydis was involved, which is a 3rd party logistics company that cooperates with CASINO. A complete order cycle required 4 EDI messages (order, dispatch advice, etc) to be sent between FAGE, CASINO and Easydis in order to ensure the expected delivery of goods to the French super market chain through their logistics company – Easydis. The project is implemented based on the i@connect and edi@connect services of Information Systems Impact.


Accounting Department, Athens International Airport S.A.
Accounting Τax Director, A.B. Vassilopoulos
I.T. Manager, Veropoulos Group
Νεόφυτος Παναγιώτου, Praktiker Hellas
Ιωάννης Κοκολάκης, Friesland Foods Hellas
Μαρία Κουτουμάνου, Reckitt Benckiser Hellas
National Account Management Department, Cadbury Hellas
Γιάννης Πιταούλης, Attica Traffic Logistics S.A.
Κωνσταντίνος Καρκατσούλης, Yiannoulas Group

 Christina Fameli, Hellenic Lloyd's SA

 Panagiotis Drosos, Atlanta SA

 George Liakeas, Nexans Hellas SA

 Phaedra Damala, DNV HELLAS SA

Praktiker - 80% of orders are sent through the i@connect service
Carrefour - electronic invoices have been exchanged within 2007
Fage - connection with business partners in Greece and Europe

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